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Lisa -

Not Just a Chef!

My name is Lisa Banchieri but for those who have experienced my cooking, I am simply Lisa.
Born in Florence, I grew up in the Chianti and Versilia regions of Tuscany.
That is why you will discover both the

flavours of the soil of Tuscany and the richness of aromas from the bounty of the sea in my cuisine. Being a private chef is not merely a profession for me but a heartfelt passion that has been with me since childhood.
Towards the end of the nineties, I was lucky enough to be able to transform my dream into my
daily job. I would also like to highlight the fact that cooking also remains
my favourite way to
pass any free time I have!

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It All Begins Here.

Organization of Events in Tuscany.

The starting point for all my dishes are the ingredients I source from small local farmers I
have personally selected over the course of the past twenty years.

My philosophy is to respect always the natural course of the seasons by using the very best of seasonal produce picked at the height of their ripeness to ensure the utmost of flavour and aroma.

I personally source all meat produce and whenever possible I always chose Italian organic
meat cuts
. I source all my fish from trusted fishermen from the Tyrrhenian coast, which
ensures the
seafood I prepare is wild (not farmed) and always freshly caught.

My cooking aims to impart a true love and passion for food. For this reason, I also pay
attention to any food allergies or intolerances clients may have. My specialty is vegetarian and vegan cuisine.

Organization of Events in Tuscany
A suggestive location and attention given to every single detail is what makes an event or
dinner truly unforgettable.

I will personally take care of selecting the most suitable venue for your occasion to create the perfect atmosphere that will also highlight the flavours of every dish I prepare.
A castle, an old farmhouse, a country home, or a Medieval hamlet: whatever your chosen location, I will prepare a lunch or dinner that will be the perfect complement for your special event. We will also take care of the layout design, tableware and the personal touches.

Whether you already have a clear idea of what you would like or not, we can go through my
extensive catalogue together and find the perfect made to measure formula for your event.

Allow yourself to be inspired!

Trustworthy Catering in Tuscany

Entrust your event or ceremony in Tuscany to our Catering Services.

Whether it is an intimate dinner in your home, a rented location or a commercial showroom, we will design a personalised menu with dedication and passion that fits your occasion perfectly.
You can choose from traditional, vegetarian, seafood or ethnic menus or why not let us inspire you with our suggestions that will make your event truly unique.
For private parties, ceremonies, weddings or T
eam Building in Florence, you can completely rely on your private chef, Lisa Banchieri.

Lisa banchieri

Catering Dinner

Choose your menu or let's decide together.

lisa banchieri

Cooking Class

Live a different experience!

lisa banchieri

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Phone: 3333773412  |  Email:


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